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How Often Do I Need Air Conditioning Services?

An air conditioner can help improve the quality of air in your home and help maintain affordable temperatures in the house. The unit can also absorb excess moisture in the home to reduce humidity levels. For the air conditioner to work consistently, air conditioning services are necessary. Here is how often you should service your air conditioner.

When There Is a Refrigerant Leak 

Moisture can corrode copper refrigerant lines within the air conditioning system, leading to refrigerant leaks. The leaks can also happen if the seals of the AC unit are old or malfunctioning. An air conditioning service provider can identify the cause of the refrigerant leaks by looking for frozen lines or coils, hissing or bubbling noises, and the loss of cooling capacity. The technician can then locate and repair the leak. Determining the location of the leak involves doing nitrogen testing and using UV dye. The repair process involves actions such as patching punctures and cleaning corroded areas. Once the repair is complete, your technician can replenish the refrigerant to restore it to its optimum level.

When the Compressor Fails 

The compressor can fail due to low refrigerant levels, faulty wiring, and relay and capacitor failures. Dirty filters and coils and lack of regular servicing can also cause the compressor to stop working properly. When the compressor fails, you can hear unusual sounds, such as screeching, hissing, banging, and clanking. The AC could also start to generate air with fluctuating temperatures, and the cooling cycles can take longer than usual. An air conditioning expert can analyze the noises and visually examine the compressor for signs of damage. They can also check and fix the wiring, relay, capacitor, and coils.

When Condenser Coils Require Replacement or Cleaning 

Debris from the outdoors, such as grass clippings and leaves, can enter the AC and accumulate around the coils. Other things that can damage the condenser coils include smog, dust, pollen, and pet hair and fur. Dirty condenser coils make the AC unit less efficient and can increase the rate of wear and tear of the fan motor. A professional HVAC technician disassembles the unit and removes any objects on the condenser units. They can then clean the coil using the appropriate chemicals. 

When Evaporator Coil Fails

Corrosion and debris cause failure of the evaporator coil. This reduces the ability of the coil to absorb sufficient heat and cool the home effectively. The result is a spike in your energy bills and frequent AC unit overheating. AC services involve identifying the cause of the evaporator coil failure and cleaning the coil. Some HVAC techs can also install a coating around the AC units to prevent corrosion. If the evaporator coil is too old, the technician replaces it.

When the Fan Motor Malfunctions

The fan of the AC unit can fail due to capacitor failure, faulty wiring, voltage regularities, and excessive heat. When the bearings of the fan motor wear and tear, the motor also fails. A malfunctioning fan heater reduces the airflow passing through the AC unit and leads to overheating. If you want to prevent costly repairs, call an air conditioning services provider to clean the fan motor and lubricate its bearings. The service provider should also inspect and repair any faulty electrical components of the fan motor. If the fan motor has become too old, the AC service replaces it.

When the Thermostat Fails 

Frequent use of the thermostat can cause its electronic circuitry and mechanical components to wear out. Debris can also accumulate on the moving parts and sensors and cause the thermostat to become erratic. Other common thermostat problems include battery failure and loose connections. This causes the thermostat to set the incorrect temperature and turn off and on at the wrong time. Your service provider can repair the thermostat or replace it if it’s too old. 

Work With an Air Conditioning Service Company 

A malfunctioning AC increases your energy bills and creates an uncomfortable indoor environment. An air conditioning service can repair the AC before the damage becomes too costly. Find an AC service provider near you to help you with your AC problems.


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